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On this page we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about investing in property land. How does it work and what do you have to take in consideration. Of course you can always contact us when you have any questions or when you need advice.

Why is it interesting to invest in property land just now?

There is a threat of a housing shortage of more than 300,000 homes from 2020. Land is still affordable at this time and if catch-up is soon made on the housing construction market, you do not have to be left behind the facts if you still want to buy land. The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) expects that the Dutch population will grow until 2040. Large housing corporations and project developers are struggling at this time, which offers you and us opportunities to buy the land, which in the past was often already owned by the aforementioned market parties.

  • Land is sustainable. Land is scarce and increasingly scarce.
  • Land is relatively stable in value. Soil is tangible. Land becomes your property, without your approval it cannot be alienated.
  • Land ownership is a good way of preserving wealth and possibly for wealth growth. Land is tradable, but you don’t buy for the short term.
  • Land offers financial tranquility.

Why is investing in land interesting for me?

Do I still have to dependent on Suntorian after the purchase?

You as an investor in property land will be registered in the Dutch land registry. Apart from a zoning or expropriation (which is extremely rare), you, and only you will decide, what happens to your plot. You are independent of others and will own the management of it completely and you are therefore independent of Suntorian Sustainable Partners.

At Suntorian Sustainable Partners you will become the official owner of the property. You will receive an undivided share, with which you collectively own part of the development area. This is registered in the Land Registry; the Dutch public register of registered property. Your property can only be transferred with your cooperation through a notary, who is obliged to inform Kadaster of this. Kadaster then sends another message to the old and new owner. When a plot is sold, all owners of an undivided share receive the same sales yield per square meter.

How is my investment warranted?


Can I also give my land to someone else,
for example my children?

Yes that is possible. This is subject to the condition that the beneficiary is aware of the consequences and agrees to the notarial transfer. If the beneficiary is under 18, the legal guardian will have to sign. Although the land is in the name of this minor beneficiary, the legal guardian will be responsible until the age of 18. A donation can have tax consequences.

AFM stands for “Authority for the Financial Markets”. It is an independent administrative body with statutory duties and powers and is the behavioral supervisor of the financial markets in the Netherlands. The Minister of Finance is responsible for policy and legislation in the area of ​​financial markets (as laid down in the Financial Supervision Act, hereinafter “Wft”), while the AFM supervises compliance. These laws and regulations apply not only to financial companies (such as banks, insurers, asset managers or intermediaries), but also to accountants, companies that issue shares, pension providers and consumers.

Suntorian Sustainable Partners bv is a provider of property land in the Netherlands. Upon passing the deed of sale at the notary, our buyers obtain the complete ownership of the land and are subsequently responsible for managing it. Because of this structure, the current product offered by Suntorian is not subject to supervision by the AFM, nor is Suntorian Sustainable Partners subject to a license requirement under the Wft.

Is Suntorian Sustainable Partners supervised by the AFM?

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