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At the end of this year, the problem analysis for the extension of the North-South line to Zaanstad and Purmerend was completed. Alderman Eveline Tijmstra said this in a letter stating that the idea is still there to extend the metro line. The results of the analysis will determine whether further research is needed.

Good accessibility necessary

According to the councilor, it is necessary to have a good connection between Purmerend and Amsterdam. She emphasizes the growth of the population in Purmerend and employment in the city. It is therefore necessary to have good public transport between Purmerend and Amsterdam.
The Municipality of Zaanstad is also fully behind the extension of the metro to Zaanstad. Even before the opening of the North-South line, Mayor Jan Hamming said that extending the metro to Zaanstad is a matter of course. “We cannot escape thinking about that,” he said at the time.

Extend to Hoorn

Initially there was also the idea in West Friesland to extend the line further towards Hoorn. Last year, however, it became clear that this ambition is not there for the time being. “I think we should first look in the direction of Zaanstad, because there are problems with accessibility and quality of life there,” said Deputy Ilse Zaal of D66 Noord-Holland at the time. “If this proves to be a success, then we can always look further in the next period (after 2023, ed.). It’s quite an ambitious plan, so let’s take it step by step.”
After the problem analysis, which should be completed by the end of this year, the members of the provincial council and the councilors of Purmerend, Zaanstad and Amsterdam will meet to discuss to speak about the results of the research and to develop it further.

Source:NH Nieuws

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