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For years we have seen the Randstad grow and we see that there is already plenty of construction going on everywhere, to solve the housing crisis. New neighborhoods are being built in the big cities, but it doesn’t stop there. The Netherlands is growing very fast and is a very attractive country for many people.

According to CDA minister Hugo de Jonge, the Netherlands will add up to 2030 million people.
This means that every year a city like Amersfoort has 130,000 inhabitants.

The Randstad will have to sacrifice more places, and even that is too little to be able to meet the current housing crisis and the upcoming population growth. “De Jonge wants more houses and less distance between Randstad and non-Randstad.” Cites the Leeuwarder Courant.
So many places outside the Randstad will also have to be sacrificed to solve this problem.

PVV party chairman in Urk Hendrik Wakker says that we will ‘grow tremendously’ in the coming years and that we will therefore add 1 million inhabitants.
Not all of them fit in the Randstad and therefore ’the region’ needs to be adapted.

So in the coming years a lot will be invested in land that is perfect for construction projects and we will hear a lot about it in the coming period, also predicts Robert Jensen.

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